Hyperbundle Cocktail

Our Manifesto in a Bottle

Before the rebranding of our group in January 2016, “ABOUT US” was probably the most cliché part of our credential presentations. The introduction of the new manifesto and the “challenger octopus” spiced things up and made the conversations with potential clients and partners livelier than ever before.

We decided to spice it up even more by adding some alcohol.

We’ve created a cocktail – HYPERBUNDLE, which not only embodies the network model, but also brings out the key messages from our manifesto.

* It’s a cocktail drink because HYPERBUNDLE stands for “smashing together scrums of our best talent from every discipline and from all over the world”
* It contains spirits only as “we’re madly creative and fiercely competitive”.
* It has no added sweeteners or mixers, as „we don’t have layers of managers and we all roll up our sleeves.”
* It is fresh and easy to drink but it “punches above its weight”.
* We present it to our clients in a boutique 50 cl bottle for 5 servings so it can be enjoyed in a team.

Recipe for 10 servings:
450 ml Jim Beam Rye
250 ml Punt e Mes vermouth
250 ml Aperol
20 ml Vanilla Extract
10 ml Cherry Bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with lots of ice. Serve in rock glass with huge chunk of ice and an orange peel.