A new Approach to the good old Subject – Preservatives

Some say preservatives are bad, others think they are inevitable. With it’s ultra-modern production and filling technology, Queens Fruit Drinks believes that preservatives are nothing but “so last century”.

To convey this message, the story goes around several old-fashioned and overly protective preservatives who try to keep the fruits’ game safe by constantly shouting and finger-pointing at them. The fruits, of course, don’t pay attention as they find themselves in the safest place there is – a bottle of Queens Fruit Drink.

And the credits go to:
Director – Martin Markov
DoP – Anton Bakarski
Preservatives’ Costumes Design – Mina Kaye
Fruits’ Costumes Design – Vesselin Anev & Adriana Aneva
Producer – Milo Braynov
Company – MatchPoint